Palladio Homes realizes that purchasing a new home can be a major decision in your family's life, so we provide written warranty options with every home. You can rest assured that our warranty companies have put us through a complete check to ensure our quality, craftsmanship, and building practices have gone under an extensive underwriting process to maintain our high standards in building.

Warranty Overview


Because of our commitment to quality and service, we have included a 10-Year Structural Warranty on your new home.  Your warranty coverage is administered by StrucSure Home Warranty.  StrucSure Home Warranty provides third-party, insurance-backed new-home warranties to builders across the United States. A new-home warranty from StrucSure Home Warranty provides homebuyers with peace of mind and financial protection in the event a construction or structural defect occurs in their home. Without a new-home warranty, a homeowner could find themselves with a hefty repair bill, a legal nightmare, or even worse, a home that is unsafe to live in. The hope is you will never need warranty coverage, but if a problem emerges, you'll be glad you're covered!

Home Components Covered

  1. Load-bearing systems, footings, and piers
  2. Load-bearing floor framing systems
  3. Load-bearing walls and partitions
  4. Load-bearing roof framing systems
  5. Load-bearing beams
  6. Load-bearing headers
  7. Load-bearing girders
  8. Load-bearing lintels (other than those supporting veneers)
  9. Load-bearing columns (other than those designed to be cosmetic)
  10. Load-bearing masonry arches (other than those designed to be cosmetic)



First Call Home Warranty Service Program ™

As you get settled in, warranty questions and service requests may arise.  In order to simplify the process and remove the hassle involved in figuring out whom to call and what to do next, a dedicated representative from StrucSure Home Warranty’s First Call Warranty Service Program™ will be your primary point-of-contact.  Your First Call representative will work directly with you to explain your warranty benefits, coordinate repairs, and ensure your warranty items are addressed and resolved as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

The First Call Warranty Service Program™ was developed to provide you with a simple, efficient, and effective way of resolving warranty items.  By acting as the liaison between you, your homebuilder, and their trade contractors, your dedicated First Call representative will ease the burden and effort involved in getting answers to general questions, managing service requests, and monitoring the repair process for any defects in workmanship and materials; wiring, piping, and ductwork; and/or structural components.